Matt the Malcontent

If I were a Viking, I’m pretty sure that would be my moniker.  It’s not nearly as becoming as Bjorn Ironside, but it is surely just as accurate.  Ask my wife, she will no-doubt confirm.

I’m discontent.  More often than not I play the character of the proverbial grumpy old man, and I’m only 39… and it’s not an act.

I can’t seem to shake it.  There’s this constant nagging in my soul that something is missing…  that I need to do something.  Something… else.  I’m restless.

…and I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.

Enter Mind of Matt

My interests abound.  As the About page states, the simplest way I can think to describe myself is an observer of culture.  I have held (and occasionally dismissed) worldviews that span the spectrum; and I still have friends all across that spectrum.

The stuff that makes up the culture in which we live – people, politics, economics, religion, music, sexuality, etc… these things interest me.  I listen to podcasts about them.  I read about them.  And now it’s time to write down my thoughts about them.


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